Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Choose Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Today, natural treatment for back pain is the most sought after alternative by many as opposed to traditional medical treatment. About 22 million Americans are now seeking chiropractic care annually, 35% of which are people who are experiencing back pain due to automobile accidents, sports injuries and more. Other concerns include neck pain, arms, legs and even headaches.

Chiropractic Care Explained

Chiropractic care is a health care and not a treatment for any disease. This type of modality mainly focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system including its effect with regard to one’s general health.

Chiropractic care is an alternative solution to ease the pain particularly in the muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissue. This is also sometimes practiced in conjunction with conventional medication.

Chiropractors or chiropractic physicians are well-trained individuals who practice a drug-free and hands-on approach towards all aspects of a person’s health. Primarily, they will ask for the patient’s history. Then performs physical examination, diagnosis, and lastly, determining the proper treatment plan appropriate to each individual’s back pain concerns.

They are also trained to provide and recommend rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises, nutritional and dietary counseling and lifestyle counseling to address back pain. The therapeutic procedure includes “spinal manipulation”, also known as “chiropractic adjustment.”

How is spinal manipulation performed? By simply applying manual and controlled force to hypomobile joints due to a tissue injury, it will help restore mobility thus alleviating muscle tightness and pain. Doing so will allow the tissues to heal and eventually stop the pain completely.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

  • The use of spinal manipulation or chiropractic care is guaranteed to be safe and effective especially in treating acute back pain. Acute lower back pain is usually caused by sudden injury resulting from lifting furniture or moving hefty items in the house.
  • Chiropractic is also effective in treating neck pain and headaches.
  • The moderate pressure applied through deep tissue massage may also ease the pain of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Chiropractic treatment is done with accurate diagnosis of your back pain, therefore, it is vital that your chiropractor is knowledgeable of your medical history, current medical conditions, ongoing medications, and of course, your present lifestyle. Informing your doctor about this information will assure you of great results and fast recovery. 

About the Author:
Dr. Dan Rae's professional interests lie in helping the community reach their health potential.  Through hundreds of hours of post-graduate training, Dr. Rae has studied different soft-tissue therapies, studying the muscles and how to help them function appropriately.